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Blue Lava Flows From Kawah Ijen - Indonesia's Deadly Acid Volcano

There are places on this planet that are just as beautiful as hostile.
There are also a few people who dare to risk their lives in order to photograph and film some of the most hazardous environments on Earth.
One of them is Photographer Olivier Grunewald who has been taking photos of volcanoes since 1997.
In 2008, Grunewald learned about the Kawah Ijen, Indonesia's deadly acid volcano and he decided to photograph and create a documentary about one of the most beautiful and dangerous volcanoes on this planet.
Supervolcanoes are unpredictable ticking time bombs with the power to destroy the entire world. This is one of the reasons why they should be studied and monitored carefully. They are also often very beautiful, like for example the Dallol Volcano which located in the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.

Kawah Ijen is part of the Ijen volcano complex in East Java, Indonesia. The volcano is 2,600 meters tall (8,660ft), topped with a large caldera and a 200-meter-deep lake of sulfuric acid.
The quietly active volcano emits gases through fumaroles inside the crater, and local miners have tapped those gases to earn a living.
The miners who rely on the sulfur work in awful conditions at the bottom of the crater.
They do not possess adequate equipment or clothes to perform this kind of dangerous work.
Miners here wear nothing other than t-shirts and trousers as they collect in baskets the yellow material.
Toxic fumes give off all the time and the molten sulfur is heated to more than 240F.
Image:  While these pictures may appear to be from another planet, they are in fact produced by burning sulphur here on Earth. Image credit & copyright: Olivier Grunewald 

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