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Strange Rock Mass Emerges Off Arakan Coast

An amazing rock mass has emerged from the seawater near the offshore islands of Pharonga, located 20 miles south of Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, report numerous witnesses.

A fishing boat owner said, "We have never seen a rock mass before in the area near Pharonga Island. Now there is a rock mass appearing from the sea and it is very strange and wonderful for all."

The location of the rock mass is seven miles south of Pharonga Island, 20 miles southeast of Sittwe. The rock mass is 10 feet high when the tide is low, and remains five feet above the sea when the tide is high.

"All fishing boats have avoided going near the strange rock mass out of fear there is danger underwater near the rock. Many people believe the rock mass emerged from the water due to a volcano eruption under water, but no on can tell exactly how the rock mass formed," he said.

In the past, many fishing boats worked in the area because it is rich in fish, but now boats do not dare go near the rock mass to fish.

According to biologist sources, there are many extinct mud volcanos around the Pharonga Islands, and the emergence of the rock mass is related to a volcano eruption in the area. However, no government officials have come near the rock so far to investigate how it appeared.
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