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Haiti cholera death toll mounts

Port-au-Prince -- The Haiti cholera death toll now stands at 917 according to the Ministry of Health in Haiti.  Over 14,000 people have been hospitalized because of cholera.
Millions of people are homeless in Haiti and they are especially hard hit by the cholera disease which is spreading quickly.
Haiti was hit by an earthquake in January.  The current cholera outbreak is now the second one the country has experienced.

"People have been laying in the dirt outside their shacks," says Ivan Watson of CNN.
"Haiti hasn't had cases of  cholera in more than half a century so people are not used to the symptoms. The disease is highly contagious.  People are afraid to touch the bodies of the deceased to dispose of them." says Ivan Watson working in Port-au-Prince to CNN.
Watson said that one school master is waiting for plastic buckets to arrive so that the schoolchildren can wash their hands before lessons begin, in an attempt to keep themselves clean and avoid getting the cholera.
The cholera has been swift. Last week alone the Health Ministry in Haiti warned that there had been around 32 deaths from the disease every 24 hours.
The result of last week's flooding and the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas,  are bound to make the numbers of those who have died higher.
CNN reports that about 1 in 16 people have died from the cholera. In terms of percentage, that means about 6% of people who get the disease die, while in the rest of the world only 3% of people who get the cholera disease die.

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