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Christchurch earthquakes approaching 700 in 13 days

Since September 4 Christchurch in New Zealand is being pounded by earthquakes, one after the other they are coming and some are fairly medium sized earthquakes. Those tremors, aftershocks or earthquakes are now approaching almost 700 earthquakes in just 13 days.
That is either the biggest earthquake swarm we have heard off or something else is brewing beneath New Zealand.
The massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake a few days ago caused damage to many buildings as well as public buildings, historical buildings and even the old Library in Christchurch is said to be on a new fault line, or where there is no known fault line.
Some scientists agree to the fact that there might be a new fault line forming.
Christchurch had previous big earthquakes but nothing like 688 the number where it stands now for the last 13 days.

Other earthquakes in New Zealand with an impact was
1669: Christchurch 5magnitude
1881: Castle Hill
1888 North Canterbury 7.2 Magnitude
1901: Cheviot 6.9
and two at Arthurs Pass both ranging at the 7 magnitude and one in
Buller in 1929 with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale.
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