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Temperatures rising in major U.S. streams and rivers

Streams and rivers across the United States are becoming noticeably warmer according to a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.
A team of researchers led by Sujay Kaushal analyzed historical times series of water records stretching back anywhere from 24 years to almost 100 years for 40 major streams and rivers.
According to the data, 20 of the streams and rivers showed statistically significant long term warming. Another 13 watercourses showed temperature increases that were not statistically significant.
Only 2 streams and rivers showed significant temperature decreases. The study found that the average mean water temperature increased by 0.009–0.077°C per year.
These findings are extremely problematic for fish and other species that inhabit streams and rivers. Many aquatic organisms can only live within narrow temperature ranges.
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