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Crack At Turrialbla Volcano Getting Larger

Upon closer inspection, experts of the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) say that the enormous crater of the Turrialba volcano has gotten larger following last week's activity, which will in turn cause landslides within the crater, which in turn could mean more eruptions.

Unfortunately the cold front that has gripped Costa Rica this weekend has also affected the weather conditions, rain and strong winds, have been clouding visibility of the crater to confirm all the changes.

Geologists and volcanologists were at least able to confirm that the crack on the wall of the volcano is getting larger, confirmed by flybys by helicopters during a break in the weather.

The experts say the constant spewing of gases is causing the crack to get bigger and could collapse the volcano's crater wall, causing the volcano to spew out the falling material.

Area residents, as well as control posts around the volcano, report feeling seismic activity.

The recommendation is to stay clear of the area and authorities are restricting access to the national park, evacuating anyone found within the safety zone.

A "yellow" alert is being maintained.
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