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NOAA report reveals record high sea temperatures

Global warming has continued to raise the surface temperatures of the planet, NOAA says.  July set an all time record high for surface water temperatures around the world, that is the result of this recent report from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) where officials stated that the previous record high temperatures for the month of July was broken this year , rising above the 1998 record by more than a degree.
The recent findings showed elevated temperatures not only for the sea but on land as well. The overall surface temperature for the Earth's oceans came in at 62.56 F degrees (16.63 C). This is a rise over the previous record of around 1.06 degrees. Temperatures on land were heating up as well. Land temperatures  saw a .92 F degree increase for a total of 58 F (14.81 C). This means a combined surface temperature on land and see that came in for a fifth warmest July reported at 61.7 F degrees (15.65 C). These are records based on data on the surface temperature which as been collected from around the world since 1880.
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