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Tibet drought worst in 30 years

A drought in Tibet has intensified into the region's WORST IN THREE DECADES, leaving thousands of hectares parched and killing more than 13,000 head of cattle. The report follows a warning by China's top weather official last month that the Himalayan region faced a growing threat of drought and floods as global warming melts its glaciers. Drought conditions have hit five of Tibet's six prefectures since last year, affecting 15.3 percent of the remote plateau. Some weather stations had not received significant rainfall in 226 days. "The drought has also been worsened by higher than normal temperatures. Tibet has experienced temperatures 0.4 to 2.3 degrees Celsius (0.7 to 4.1 Fahrenheit) higher than normal years." Experts have repeatedly warned of catastrophic consequences downstream if global warming continues to melt the snows and glaciers of mountainous Tibet, source of many of Asia's mightiest rivers.
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