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Brazilian scientists say killer H1N1 virus has already mutated

The swine flu H1N1 virus has already mutated much faster than anyone feared.

Scientists in Brazil have identified a new strand of the killer disease in a patient in Sao Paulo.
The mutated form has been named A/Sao Paolo/1454/H1N1 by bacteriologists at the Adolfo Lutz Institute after experts compared the mutated virus with samples of the original swine flu from California.
Scientist Terezinha Maria de Pavia discovered that the mutation had occurred in a haemoglobin protein.
It is not yet known if the mutation is more deadly than the A/H1N1 strand which has already been declared a pandemic by the WHO.

Could swine flu, like Spanish flu in 1918 which killed millions of people, mutate into a deadly form?

Meanwhile the original strand of swine flu has claimed further victims. In Argentina, acting health minister Carlos Soratti announced that three more people had died.
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