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Uptick in Global Volcanic Activity

Alaska's Mt. Redoubt volcano is a sight to behold
It has been a while since Outposts shared images from Alaska's Mt. Redoubt volcano, which continues to rumble and bark and spew steam and ash high and far across a wintry landscape.

Redoubt continues to make breathing uncomfortable for many and to disrupt travel to and from Anchorage on Alaska Airlines (though there are currently normal operations and no ash fall warnings). Also, this weekend, six million gallons of oil at the nearby Drift River terminal will be moved to a safer location.The volcano's last major eruption was Tuesday and scientists with the Alaska Volcano Observatory say a lava dome is forming. That hardened lava atop the crater might ultimately become unstable and lead to more explosive eruptions. In fact, this tempestuousness might last months, as it did in 1989-90.

More Volcanic Activity
CHILE - Llaima volcano, one of the most active in South America, spewed out a river of lava more than 1,000 metres long on Saturday in a fresh eruption, prompting officials to order dozens of people to evacuate. The lava and hot gases from the latest eruption are melting snow on the sides of the volcano, and authorities say some towns are in danger of being hit by mudslides. An ash-swollen river near the volcano had swept away a pedestrian bridge, but there was no other damage. Bright red bursts of lava were visible in the night sky as Llaima erupted. 

COSTA RICA - Experts Predicting Major Activity From Arenal Volcano - Experts of the Red Sismológica Nacional UCR-ICE are warning that the volcán Arenal could spew out lava and ash in the coming days and has asked area residents to be on the alert and follow the directions of the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias, in the event of an eruption. The alert is based on a prognosis following 45 tectonic earthquakes in the colossus, registered during the month of March.
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