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Residents Brace for Volcanic Eruption

INDONESIA - Residents and government officials were preparing late on Monday for a major eruption from Central Java’s Mount Slamet volcano after the earth started shaking at a rate of 95 tremors a minute. "Even though the earthquake activity is increasing, we have not yet decided to raise Slamet to the highest alert level, or awas status, as we think the danger level will continue to fluctuate.” The mountain, 215 kilometers east-southeast of Jakarta, continued to spew bursts of lava and emit high levels of volcanic ash, which had caused some nearby residents to suffer upper respiratory infections. “The mountain has sprayed molten lava up to 600 meters into the air and we have recorded bursts of volcanic ash up to 112 times within a six-hours period.” The vulcanology agency is also currently monitoring 11 other volcanoes across the archipelago that have shown signs of increased activity over the last month. They include Soputan in North Sulawesi Province; Dukono on North Halmahera Island in Maluku Province; Mount Ibu in Maluku; Anak Krakatau in the Sunda Strait; Egon in East Nusa Tenggara Province; and Semeru and Bromo in East Java Province.
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