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China farmers struggling under severe drought

The region that produces 95 percent of the country’s wheat is facing its WORST DROUGHT IN 50 YEARS, threatening crops in at least 12 provinces. More than 3.5 million people and some 1.7 million livestock are facing water shortages. Northern and central China have had little precipitation since November. Many places have not had rainfall for more than 100 days. Over the long term, China plans to divert water from its two longest rivers to drought-stricken areas. However, it is still going to be difficult to get water to mountainous areas and remote farmland. Although irrigated farms may survive the drought, rain-fed farms are more seriously threatened. Some places are getting 80 percent less rain than they normally do. 

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TEXAS - The WORST DROUGHT IN NEARLY 100 YEARS is racking three-quarters of Texas. Much of the state has not had a significant rainfall since August. 
Image: Austin Brown II, 65, on his ranch in Beeville, Tex. Much of the state has not had a significant rainfall since August
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