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Mangroves move inland as seas rise

Adapting to the damaging effects of climate change, plants are gradually moving to where temperatures are cooler, rainfall is greater, f...


Snow dump comes as a surprise

NEW ZEALAND - Snow dump comes as a surprise - High winds and a sudden snowstorm disrupted Queenstown on Saturday, closing the Lindis Pass, the airport, the gondola and even the skifields. The weather is not typical for the end of September and took even the most seasoned Queenstown farmers by surprise. In Queenstown itself, 20 millimetres of rain fell in three hours. Queenstown's weather expert says no one forecast this much snow and to get 10 centimetres is REALLY UNUSUAL for September. VIDEO

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FLORIDA - Thursday's cool temperatures BROKE A 30-YEAR-OLD RECORD in Gainesville. The Thursday morning 55-degree temperature dropped below the 1967 record by one degree. The low temperatures were caused by an area of low pressure that passed by this week. The cool air is not typical until late October. With the record lows in the mid to upper 50s it was possible for more records to be broken this weekend. The average temperature for this time of the year is around 65-degrees for the low and 85-degrees for the high.
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