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Massive Red Dust Storm Hits Australia

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Image: Red haze ... the worst dust storms in decades have rolled through western NSW, leaving a swathe of destruction in their path.

Story: WINDS of up to 120km/h hit outback NSW yesterday as massive dust storms gave way to heavy rain, causing widespread damage.

The storms swept across the west for more five hours, cutting a path of destruction, tearing roofs off buildings and felling trees.

In Broken Hill residents could not see 5m in front of them as red haze clouded the town. A car was crushed by a tree and a pub lost its roof.

At Hay a shed rolled down the main street while farmers had to muster stock to safety.

"It was just horrific, one of the worst and longest we've seen, it was so sudden we never knew what hit us," said Caroline Booth, who runs a sheep property at Booligal near Hay.

"It was not the typical rolling dust storm we usually get out here, the wind was picking up masses of dirt.

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