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Rise in landslides linked to climate change

IRELAND and much of northern Europe is seeing an increasing number of landslides, coinciding with more extreme weather patterns. Ireland had previously been considered a relatively benign environment as far as landslides were concerned. Landslides were previously explained by long dry spells that could cause hillside bogs to crack. Once rain comes down heavily the dry bog just slips away. “But we can’t say that this year. It is now more likely it is heavy rain causing mobility between a layer of rock and bog above it." Last week in the Geevagh, Co Sligo, area, the mountain “just slid down, the river burst its banks and flowed diagonally across the pitch and the damage has been devastating”.

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Kerry Co Co says landslide was worst in 30 years
Image: A car is trapped in the the mudlside in Maughaknockane, Listowel.

Kerry County Council has said that the landslide which hit the north of the county at the weekend was the worst in 30 years.

Up to 5,000 homes remain without water this evening, after mud polluted the area's two main water sources.

Engineers are working to make an alternative water supply available on a temporary basis but a 'boil water' notice remains in place.

The landslide, which was up to 16 feet deep in places, blocked roads and engulfed two bridges.

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