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Live Interactive Broadcast: The Changing Poles

Strange Events At The South Pole

The Earth's Poles are Changing Fast
What Could be Causing This?

Nancy Lieder
Radio Commentator, Author & Lecturer
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live Interactive Session Rescheduled for 11:30am CST

*Note- Due to Inclement Weather and a Power Outage in our location, the remaining 10 minutes of this program were not recorded. We plan to have Nancy back on our show in the immediate future. We apologize for any inconvenience attributed to these technical difficulties.

Listener Call-In: New CLICK TO TALK Feature. Listeners who wish to participate during our live internet radio show, must simply have a microphone connected to their computer and be logged onto our site. All questions directed to our guest should be short and specific.

Program Notes

Despite it still being the winter season in the Antarctic, with temperatures as low as minus 85 Fahrenheit, the massive Wilkins Ice Shelf is collapsing with astonishing speed.In addition penguin populations are plummeting due to climate change and pollution And then there's the "FREAKY SNOW". Nancy Lieder an enhanced contactee and emissary of the Zeta Reticulians will discuss what's happening to the Earth's poles in an interactive broadcast you won't want to miss.

About Nancy Lieder

Nancy Lieder is an alien contactee and emissary. For more than a decade she has led the campaign to inform and prepare the public about the passage of the "Planet X", and to quell the controversy surrounding the existence of the rogue planet.

Nancy was featured in the April 2001 edition of Art Bell's After Dark magazine, predited pole shifts, and appeared on the Coast to Coast radio show and Out There TV most recently in 2007. Nancy recently had a weekly radio spot called "The Connection" on BBS Radio

ZetaTalk which debuted in 1995, has a well documented track record of earth changes while "Troubled Times" (a non-profit organization) has become a leading authority to offering solutions for surviving the predicted pole shift.


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BBS Radio Lecture Series

For More Information go to: ZetaTalk

The Zeta Report: Video Series



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