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Increased seismic activity at Montserrat

Montserrat, Caribbean
OLVESTON, Montserrat (AP) - Montserrat's volcano spewed columns of ash thousands of feet (meters) into the sky as scientists reported an increase in seismic activity a week after it vented gases and steam.

A series of blasts late Saturday and early Sunday released ash and blistering gases from inside a hardened lava dome topping the tiny Caribbean island's Soufriere Hills volcano, according to a statement from the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

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ECUADOR - A volcano in eastern Ecuador has begun spewing lava and has shot a column of ash high into the air. The Reventador volcano's activity on Monday does not pose a threat to surrounding villages or oil pipelines in the area. The volcano last erupted in November 2002, showering the capital, Quito, with volcanic ash. A second volcano in eastern Ecuador, Tungurahua, has also registered "a small increase" in seismic activity. Tungurahua has been spitting out ash and gases intermittently since late last year.
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