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Winter Persists in Washington State

Washington, USA
Image: Visitors Trying to Stay Warm and Dry in Seattle's Pikes Place Market

Friday's rain, cloudy skies and chilly breezes capped a week of UNUSUALLY cold weather for the first week of June. The temperature got all the way to an October-like 54 degrees. In the mountains, snow was falling as if winter never left. The weather was so odd that carving Halloween pumpkins might have been more fitting, given the fall colors and cold-weather gear spotted on Seattle's streets. People in Seattle saw temperatures never get any higher than 62 degrees. And that was way back on Monday. Typically, early June in Seattle brings temperatures of 68 degrees. From Sunday through Friday afternoon, 1.18 inches of rain had fallen at Sea-Tac Airport - just 0.31 inches short of the average amount for the entire month. Forecasters downplayed La Niña as the force behind the week's weather because this phenomenon typically occurs during winter. "All I can say is it's really cool, and there's an upper-level trough over British Columbia and Washington state." That trough can bring cooler air to a region, and overcast skies block the sun and drop temperatures. One resident questioned whether the unusual weather was part of a secret U.S. government project. She acknowledged that people might think she's a crackpot - but she insisted that the Internet has credible information about government efforts. And a year ago, during the first week of June, Seattle's temperatures peaked at 84 degrees. Forecasters expect up to 10 inches of snow in parts of the Olympics and Cascades by Saturday.
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