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Parts of Indonesian capital swamped by tidal wave

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A 2.2-meter (7-feet) high tidal wave inundated parts of Jakarta overnight as the city government and citizens tried to hold the water back with emergency embankments, a government official said on Wednesday.

The height of the water was far greater than earlier predictions. The World Bank, which has been monitoring flooding and tidal waves in Jakarta, warned last week of a 1.2 meter tidal surge in parts of the city.

Authorities in the capital, home to more than 10 million people, had been bracing for high tides with sand bags and wire netting filled with stones.

Image Above: Residents ride on a pedicab along a flooded street in Jakarta June 4, 2008.


AUSTRALIA - A series of EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH tides this week – along with the current low pressure system off the east coast – is putting more pressure on several beachfront properties at Old Bar. Yesterday a vigil was being kept on three homes which stood perilously close to a sand bank several metres high, being further eaten away with every incoming wave. A high tide at around 10 o’clock last night was the first of four this week peaking at over two metres. At 2.04 metres (last night), 2.08 metres tonight, 2.07 metres tomorrow night and 2.01 metres about midnight on Friday, they are by astronomical measures the highest this year and in tonight’s case, THE HIGHEST IN 16 YEARS. Weather experts are warning, however, that the effect of the king tides will be felt even more because of the sea’s current turbulence. Yesterday’s weather warnings included three to four metre waves for the Mid North Coast, the huge seas forced up by the wind and rain event.

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