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Nature Has Fired the First Shot for 2008

Sierra Leone
After a long dry spell which was UNUSUAL for the Western Area in May, Nature fired the first volley, the warning shot of what they might expect in the weather pattern this year. The ferocity of a storm on Wednesday evening was frightening. The storm left in its wake a trail of destruction in the city of Freetown. In some places whole roofs of buildings were removed by the storm and deposited far away. The total amount of damage is incalculable. If the trees in and around Freetown and its environs were left standing instead of having being cut down, they would have provided a break mechanism which would have controlled the force of the storm. They haven't entered the rainy season proper, but every little downpour leaves a trail of environmental degradation in its wake. What is happening to the Western area peninsular forests is happening all over the country to the extent that the weather pattern has altered over the years and added to the global phenomenon of Climate Change.
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