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Mount Soputan spewing sand and thick smoke

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Volcano Soputan located between South and Southeast Minahasa districts, North Sulawesi, on Friday at about 16:15 local time spewed sand black clouds into the sky.

An eyewitness, Inyo Rumondor, as contacted by Antara in Amurang city, the capital of South Minahasa, about 15 km from the explosion said the billowing hot ashes formed high cloud which was visible from Amurang city.

Another eyewitness, Jerry Rawis who is also a local resident of Molompar I village, Southeast Minahasa district, through his cell phone said that the ashes were mixed with mud spewed by the volcano.

Other Images: GALAPAGOS ISLAND - eruption photos. Cerro Azul - one of five active volcanoes on one of the islands - erupted for four days.
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