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Tornado season deadliest in a decade

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This funnel cloud formed in Keo, Ark. last month. Arkansas has had 49 tornadoes this year, already above its annual average of 48, according to Greg Forbes, severe weather expert at The Weather Channel:By Paul McIntosh, AP

The USA has been ravaged through mid-May by a near-record number of tornadoes that has pushed the death toll - including 47 killer twisters over the weekend - to a 10-YEAR HIGH. Stunned survivors picked through the little that was left of their communities Sunday after tornadoes tore across the Plains and South, killing at least 22 people in three states and leaving behind a trail of destruction and stories of loss. At least 15 people died in southwestern Missouri. In the fading mining town of Picher, Okla., at least six people were killed, and at least one person died in storms in Georgia.
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