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Red Cross: Up to 128,000 may have died in Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma)
A child is carried by a boy in a village affected by Cyclone Nargis located near the Myanmar capital Yangon May 14, 2008. (Strinnger/Reuters)Another powerful storm is headed toward

New Cyclone Developing

Myanmar's cyclone-devastated delta. The Hawaii-based Joint Typhoon Warning Center said there is a good chance that "a significant tropical cyclone" will form within the next 24 hours and head across the Irrawaddy delta area. The new cyclone would likely not be as severe as Nargis because it is already close to land, and cyclones need to be over sea to gain full strength. "There will be a lot of rain but the winds will not be as strong." So little aid has reached the area that the U.N. warned today of a "second wave of deaths" among an estimated 2 million survivors. U.N. agencies and other groups have been able to reach only 270,000 people so far. Getting to the worst-affected areas was getting more and more difficult, and the impending storm was expected to compound the misery of the survivors. Some survivors of Cyclone Nargis were reportedly getting spoiled or poor-quality food, rather than nutrition-rich biscuits sent by international donors, adding to suspicions that the junta may be misappropriating foreign aid. The news of a second cyclone was not broadcast by Myanmar's state-controlled media.
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