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The Media Drumbeat For Obama

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Skywatch-Media News

May 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton's 35 point victory in Kentucky coupled with her landslide victory in West Virginia, would not have come to fruition but for her tremendous support among women and White working class voters.

Kentucky/Oregon Results

Thank You Kentucky
Obama's Kentucky Problem

As a matter of fact, Hillary has won more votes than anyone running for the Democratic nomination in the history of the Democratic Party, and she added to her popular vote lead last night. Most importantly she has won states that will total 308 electoral votes in November -- more than enough to carry the general election.

Despite her impressive victories, her strong showing in vital swing states, and her overwhelming support among key voting groups, the media retches up the drumbeat for Obama, determined to have the final say in this historical race. Yet voters continue to send a message to those who want this race to be over, they are more determined than the media to keep this race alive. The pundits may have their way in this election, but the voters will have the final say.

Hillary will continue her quest to make certain the more than 2 million voters in Florida and Michigan are heard when she meets with the credentials committee on May 31 in Washington D.C. Today she is pleading her cause throughout Florida. Then on to Puerto Rico where she is expected to add hundreds of thousands of votes to her popular vote lead. As she said in her victory speech last evening, "This race is far from over." Like Hillary, her supporters are true to their cause, they will never give up and they will never give in.

Video:The Fight for Florida Votes

Hillary and Puerto Rico

Ohio Superdelegate Endorses Hillary

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