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Have seasons disappeared from our weather?

United Kingdom
Have seasons disappeared from their weather? Temperatures in South Wales that will outstrip those in the Balearics are adding credence to the idea that spring is the new summer. The disastrous flooding last year was preceded by a spring heatwave, and with predictions of the current glorious weather being followed by an underwhelming summer, it seems their expectations of seasons might have to be reassessed. Temperatures in Cardiff are forecast to hit highs of 24C on Saturday and Sunday, compared to a rainy 21C in Palma, Majorca. The glorious start to May follows on from a similar spell in April of last year. February produced early primroses and daffodils and sightings of frogspawn, bats, bumblebees and skylarks, leaving them to ponder whether global warming is seeing the seasons change earlier every year. But, of course, last year’s warm spring was followed by a disastrous summer, with widespread flooding and cool temperatures. BBC Radio 2's gardening expert believes all seasonality has effectively disappeared from their weather. He said: “April was very cold and fairly dry and then we’ve hit the beginning of May and we’ve turned from cold to extreme baking weather like a desert. There’s no seasonality whatsoever now. Back in the 50s and 60s you knew come mid-September you’d get your first frost and everything was finished off. Then you’d get winter with snow and frost and come February it would start to warm up. By April it would be slightly warm with rain and May to August would be the four-month growing season. But we’re definitely not getting that now.”
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