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21 new lakes formed owing to China quake

Massive landslides resulting from the strong earthquake on May 12 in southwest China, have led to the formation of at least 21 lakes in various cities. Expert teams, comprising at least two water conservancy specialists and 10 People's Liberation Army personnel, have been deployed at each of these newly formed lakes to monitor the situation and evacuate the residents in case of any danger. The landslide blockages have been reported in Beichuan and Anxian counties in the city of Mianyang, Qingchuan county of Guangyuan, Mianzhu and Shifang cities of Deyang, and Pengzhou city near the provincial capital Chengdu. The three lakes had more than 10 million cubic meters of water, and more than 20 million cubic meters of rocks slid into rivers after the quake and formed the lakes. Water has been flowing over some of these blockages in Qingchuan county, but posed no danger. Seven more landslide blockages were found in Beichuan county, about 160 km from the epicenter, Wenchuan.
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