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Obama's Elitist Remarks Are An Insult To Rural Americans

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News

Voters across the country are questioning why Obama, a candidate that many looked up as a person who could bring 'Change' to America, could be so careless as to make inflammatory and insensitive remarks about 'small town' rural Americans. His now 'infamous' remarks being heard across the country are not exactly being received with open arms, by those same people that Obama refers to.

With the Pennsylvania Primary now just days away, his remarks could not have come at a worst time. With recent polling in Pa. showing a tightening race, rural Americans must now decipher Obama's regrettable words before going to the polling booth on April 22. His remarks could not only jeopardize his opportunities in Pa, but could also resonate with voters in the upcoming primaries in Indiana, N.C. West Virginia and Kentucky. These are states with many 'small town' voters who will not appreciate the remarks rendered by Obama.

Furthermore, Obama must now explain to the Superdelegates who will decide on the next Democratic nominee, why he made these controversial remarks, and how he can alleviate the hurt feelings of those he has infuriated by his unthoughtful comments. It is especially important to consider the notion that Sen. McCain, who has already jumped on these remarks by calling Obama, "Out of Touch With America" will certainly use the comments repeatedly during the general election, if the Democratic superdelegates should decide to favor Obama in the national campaign.

Now we can all sit back and observe how the comments made by Obama in San Francisco will play out with voters in the upcoming states, as well as across America in the upcoming days and weeks. Obama has much explaining to do between now and June 7 when the last primary is scheduled. He can't just come out and tell Americans as he did the other day, "I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I didn't mean it in that context." Saying your 'sorry' is one thing, but actually believing it is another. We must all ask ourself this very important question, who is Barack Obama...do we really know him well enough.....and can he really deliver on his promises to bring change to America? When you look down on certain groups of Americans, as he suggested in his rather "elitist' comments, then your not ready to live up to your promises to be the better candidate to lead America.

The candidate of "change" in America now looks more like a candidate that thumbs his nose to 'small town' working people, a candidate not for all of America, but for some of America. An elitist in the true sense of the word.

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