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Media Shifts Attention to Clinton in 'Dead-Heat' Race

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News

April 29, 2008

With the race for the Democratic nomination gearing up for two more contest in Indiana and N.C. on May 6, Hillary Clinton has gained considerable momentum as the media shifts their attention to the dynamics of her campaign. For months Hillary supporters were accustomed to a media bashing as pundits and pollsters alike would relentlessly write her off as the candidate on a downward spiral. From New Hampshire to Pennsylvania, the media would treat each contest as if it were the last for Hillary Clinton, and each time she would prove them wrong.

Since her impressive victory in the Pa. Primary, the media is now shifting the focus of attention towards Clinton as more pundits and media commentators are painting her in a more favorable light. With the momentum to her back, Clinton's predominance among White Democratic voters, especially among Blue-Collar workers, Catholics, Women, Hispanics and senior citizens is 'turning the tide' in this race for the nomination.

For his part, Howard Dean the DNC Chairman has joined the media pundits in announcing that the race for the Democratic nomination is now in a "virtual dead heat" between Hillary and Obama. According to Dean the superdelegates must break the deadlock by deciding on a nominee after the last primary date of June 3. His surprise announcement on "Meet the Press" is great news for Clinton while unpleasant for the Obama campaign.

The media for their part have jumped off the Obama bandwagon into Clinton territory. Many analysts are now convinced that Obama must reach out to White Blue Collar workers if he has any chance of winning the nomination. If he is unable to successfully appeal to the all important demographic groups that have overwhelmingly supported Clinton in previous contests, then his ability to win over undecided superdelegates will be greatly diminished.

Obama's refusal to debate Clinton (even in an unmoderated forum) in N.C. and/or Indiana is not helping his cause either,before the next round of primary contests. Obama's whimsical excuse for not debating, "I'm going to talk directly to the people" is playing into the hands of Hillary Clinton and makes him look like the candidate that is not up to the challenge and unwilling to answer to the will of the people.

As the Rev. Wright continues on his "holy crusade" to place blame on the media for his own misfortunes and statements of vengeful disregard, he is creating another round of controversy that invigorates the doubts that voters have about the character and judgment skills of Obama. The more we here the Rev Wright in his infamous remarks of "God Damn America" the more the voters are turning away from Obama. The campaign that was once considered by many to be one of moral solidarity, is now by many considered to be one of political pandering and immoral solitude.

Obama's campaign may look nice on the outside from first observation, but after taking a second look it seems more like one of choas and frustration, unable to close the deal by its failure to unite all regions and all voting blocks. Hillary has learned to make adjustments along the way, and has learned from her previous campaign mistakes, that is why she looks like a winner to many, one who fights and never gives up. Obama must do the same if he wants to carry the torch of frontrunner in this race. He cannot expect to win the nomination by just sitting on his small delegate lead and acting as if the party owes him the nomination .

Furthermore, the argument he presents that Florida and Michigan votes should be discounted because he name wasn't on the ballot or he didn't campaign in that region is flimsy at best. Obama voluntarily removed his name from the ballot in Michigan and yet he wants to disenfranchise the voters of that state because of his own actions. In Florida he wants to disenfranchise those voters because he didn't campaign there. Yet he overlooks the fact that Hillary didn't campaign in Florida either and yet she won by more than 300,000 votes. You see he wants to have it his way, which is so similar to the manner in which George Bush has governed the past eight years, utilizing the "my way, or the highway" approach with congress and the voters.

Indeed we are hearing a different tune these days from the media and its pundits and commentators. They now visualize a new race that may swing this election in a different direction, certainly one that would not have been envisioned just a month ago. The 'tide is turning' but how far and in which direction? Soon we shall know the answer.

Is the "tide turning" in Hillary's favor?

Dead Heat Changes Strategy

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