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India Lakes Drying Up Fast

After heat wave, it’s water scare - Lakes drying up fast. If the scorching summer was not bad enough, Jharkhand is now on the threshold of an acute water crisis with authorities detecting a 30cm depletion over last year’s findings of the groundwater table this year. As a result, there has been a remarkable decrease of water level in three reservoirs around the state capital, one of them — Rukka Dam — witnessing a decrease of six feet over the corresponding period last year. In April last year the water level of Rukka revolved around 17ft. This year it is at less than 11ft. "Moreover, pre-monsoon groundwater level is also constantly declining as mining of groundwater through deep-borings has increased manifold.” The condition is the same with Gonda dam in the posh Kanke area, where many multi-storeyed buildings have been constructed in the past five years. “If water level decreases at this pace, supply has to be stopped within the next 15 days."

Heat wave, water crisis hit wildlife in Orissa
There is no respite of heat waves for the wild animals. With each passing day wild animals, including elephants and tigers in the Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries, are facing a shortage of water. The water crisis in many part of the state in this summer summer has been driving animals out of their habitat to quench their thirst but non-availability of waters has hit the daily life of wild animals and most of aged elephants and big cats have reportedly been suffering a lot. Meanwhile, Satkosia Tiger Reserve region, rich in bio-diversity, has been in the grip of gnawing fire for several weeks. Both flora and fauna are in a state of peril. Image Above: An elephant in nandankanan is being showered with water to get rid of hostile heat in Bhubaneswar.

ISRAEL - The Israel Nature & National Parks Protection Authority is warning those traveling not to go hiking in the Judaean Desert or in the western Negev because of severe heat conditions. Due to the serious heat wave, rescue units and fire fighting units are on higher levels of readiness.
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