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Madam President

Suzanne Goldenberg

Suzanne Goldenberg

US Correspondent of the Guardian

Award-winning journalist and US correspondent for The Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg, will talk about the former first lady and her bid for the presidency. Goldenberg will share what Clinton really believes in, what compromises she’s made to broaden her appeal, and whether the public trusts her. She has done various radio and television commentary in the UK. Listen Now

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About Suzanne Goldenberg

Suzanne Goldenberg is an award-winning journalist for The Guardian and has been the newspaper’s US Correspondent since 2002. In January 2003, she based herself in Baghdad to cover the last days of Saddam Hussein's rule and the US invasion of Iraq. She was among a small group of reporters who covered the war from the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.

In addition to Iraq, she covered the war in Lebanon in 2006, the Palestinian uprising from 2000-2002, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 1996, and the wars in Chechnya, Georgia, and Nagorno Karabakh in the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

She has reported from the remotest corners of India and Pakistan —including the world’s highest battlefield, the Siachen glacier. She has travelled with the Karen rebels in Burma, and interviewed the Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, when she was being kept under house arrest.

Goldenberg won the Bayeux prize for war reporting for her coverage of Iraq. She has won the prize of Reporter of the Year from What the Papers Say, the Foreign Press Association, and the London Press Club for her coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She has also won the James Cameron award. She was nominated for an award for her coverage of the 2006 war in Lebanon.

Goldenberg was born and raised in Canada. After joining the Guardian in London in 1988, she was the paper’s South Asia Correspondent, and Middle East Correspondent, before her move to the US. She is the author of Pride of Small Nations: the Caucasus and Post-Soviet Disorder (1994) and co-author of Transcaucasian Boundaries with John F. R. Wright, and Richard Schofield (1995). She lives in Washington, DC with her family.


Madam President is the first book to look at the challenges facing all women with political ambitions in America, where the images of power remain dominated by men. It charts Clinton’s progress from teenage Republican to great Democratic hope amid the sweeping social changes of her life time—the post-war baby boom, the Vietnam war, the growth of women in the workplace. Suzanne Goldenberg looks at Clinton’s failures as well as her achievements, her record as a senator, and crucially, her shifting stands on the war in Iraq and the compromises she has made to broaden her appeal. Here, Goldenberg offers an essential and lively exploration of one of the most powerful personalities on the American landscape. A book excerpt printed in the Guardian available here

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