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Vocanic Activity Recorded in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands
It is 35 years since the last volcanic eruption in Spain which took place on the island of La Palma when Teneguía blew its top in a most spectacular way. Since those dramatic days there have been rumbles and tremors throughout the archipelago but on the whole relative peace and calm, complacency even. But seismic movements and gas emissions are a reminder that risk lurks constantly in the background of everyday life here. On the premise that forewarned is forearmed (or perhaps even better safe than sorry), the Cabildo’s Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy has got an educational show on the road which will be touring all the islands. The show aims to familiarize the population with the various dangers associated with volcanic activity and demonstrate ideas the authorities have come up with to reduce the risks associated with living on a volcano.
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