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Texans Give Obama the Big Boot

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News

Texas voters sent Obama packing Tuesday evening, sending his campaign a clear message, DON'T MESS WITH TEXANS. Clinton scored across the board along ethnic groups and gender lines and swept virtually every region of Texas outside of the Houston and Dallas area. It was also interesting to note that the Black turnout in the urban areas of Texas were essentially the same as the 2004 elections, or about 20% of the turnout. It was clear after seeing the results that Texans are not comfortable with Obama, the same could be said of Ohio where he lost by a whopping 10 percent. Click Here

Now it's on to Pennsylvania where both polls and organization give Clinton the advantage. Pennsylvania like Ohio have similar demographics which favor Clinton and her ties with the state go back to her early youth and her family's relationship with the State. The voters of Pennsylvania have always liked the Clinton's, especially during the 90's when the economy was booming, and they still like them now. This is Clinton Country. Click Here

It can also be said that a few other states still to hold their primary from the industrial regions will also play into Clinton's hands. They include West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and even North Carolina. The momentum is with Clinton in the remaining few contests and she will continue to label Obama as incapable of leading the country during a time of crises, as she successfully did in the Texas Primary. It has clearly resonated with both the white male and female voters.
Click Here

In addition, Obama's ties with the Rezko fiasco and his NAFTA blunder will continue to haunt him on the remainder of the campaign trail, as Clinton chips away at his small delegate lead. As long as she keeps winning and strikes a clear message about Obama's credibility as well as his elect ability in these remaining states, the more voters will understand that she is the only candidate that can withstand the Republican attacks that will ensue.

Obama, on the other hand, has shown that he is ill equipped to handle criticism as was shown in the way he handled the NAFTA AND Rezko questioning. He was forced to backtrack on the Canadian memo regarding NAFTA, after initially misleading reporters about the memo, saying it didn't exist. On the Rezko matter, instead of answering reporters questions, he left the stage saying he had already answered enough questions. These type of antics do not bode will with voters as he found out in Texas and Ohio, and will continue to realize in the upcoming contests after Mississippi.

It also seems apparent from what is now being reported in the Texas Caucus that the Obama camp are using some shady practices in an attempt to "lock out" Clinton Supporters. Why would they want to do this? The writing is on the wall, Texans do not like Obama, and his advisers are concerned that they will also lose the Caucus vote. Click Here

There are some very disturbing developments occurring within the Obama Campaign in recent weeks. Yes, Actions are louder than words...as Obama is now beginning to find out. It's better for voters to wake up from their mesmerized state now, then to go to the convention regretting that they nominated a candidate based on his words rather than his actions. It makes all the difference in the world.

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