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Obama's Secret Plan for Destroying Clinton and America

By Del Williams
The American Chronicle

Since I started getting involved in this campaign, some things have struck me. One is that this campaign wants the experience to speak for itself, but that message is not coming across correctly. So Obama, a virtually unknown man comes up with a message on hope and all the USA is mesmerized, even if they know he hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell of bringing about the changes that he wants, since he has no plan.

The thing I have noticed is that Clinton's hands have been tied. If she criticizes him , the blacks consider it wrong. Everything has an undercurrent about race, but those same blacks have no problem with lying and criticizing Clinton.

Having said that I am wondering how helpful some of Clintons helpers are. This is a unique race, and for some reason Blacks seem to think this is only about them. I am black, so I can say that. Considering blacks only comprise 13% of the nation's population, I don't think they have that right. I think that Obama has made this into a race thing, but in a much more subtle way. His meetings tend to be in predominately black communities or campuses. That cannot be by accident. So the man who says he will be the President of All America, seems to think that blacks come first. This may be why he has no qualms with his mentor, Rev. Wright calling for the Damning of America, calling the USA the KKKA, blaming the USA for the 9/11 attacks, etc. If I didn't know better it would seem like Obama is into "Black Power" and that is not good for America. It depends on the subjugation of the white world.

The odd thing is that with poor blacks Obama is not all that. He is a sellout. In poor black communities the educated black man is not wanted. Obama lives in a Million dollar home, so he is the top 6% of America making over $95,000 per year. He may have come from poverty, but at his age he cannot possibly understand JFK or MLK, since he, like I was not around. He throws out those names because they have meaning in the black community. And those who say "He is all that" are showing a hypocrisy that they do not give to other black leaders of either political party. So how does Obama get out of the "Sellout jail" and no one else does? It is the ultimate slap in the face to those who did not do drugs, had the two parent home, and have jobs that they like and their kids are not on the street corner gang banging.

If Obama is not a sellout (in my opinion, he is not) then those others are not either. Obama is a self-made man, but he does have some issues that need to be dealt with that have little to do with race and all to do with a realistic plan for this country. If he wants to sell me he needs to stop with the cliches and rhetoric and actually present some plans and how he intends to pay for them. He may be sounding like Santa Claus to some, but the reality is that bills on credit will have to be paid.

Obama won't have Hillary Clinton on a ticket because of the idea of a woman needing to be under a man, not next to or over. That is what his mentor taught him. So, if Obama gets the nomination, the first thing is to give the VP to someone he owes a favor to. The next is to elevate the inexperienced staff he has to important positions. Then, it will be time to pay off in posts all the people who have helped him behind the scenes. Don't be surprised if Collin Powells name comes up. He has been advising him on foreign policy. A typical Powell move.

In summary, whenever the need for a distraction comes up listen for a race issue or comment that, though educated, they purposely take the wrong way, like with the Ferraro statement. Second, look for more meetings in black communities running up to PA, look for him to oppose the revote in any state that he thinks Clinton can win, and finally look for him to consider himself a victim at the hands of Clinton in some stupid way. He won't tell America that he can't get the nomination with Hillary in the race and all she has to do is bide her time.

My prayer is that the REAL motive of Obama comes out and that the perfect veneer be shown for what it really is. America needs to see Obama, and we have not. We have seen the ultimate David Copperfield illusion.
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