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Obama and the Media on the Ropes

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News

With major loses in last night's primary elections in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, Obama and the biased media have suffered a huge blow, one they will be hard-pressed to recover from. Clinton's rather convincing wins in Rhode Island and Ohio, and her come from behind win in Texas, have given new life and great momentum to her campaign for the remaining contests leading up to the August Convention in Denver. It seems that even the Texas Caucus voting thus far is going her way.

One can argue whether Clinton has made successive inroads with respect to delegate count, but with this race in a statistical dead heat it would appear that Clinton has a convincing case to present to the Super delegates who will for all practical purposes now decide who the next nominee will be for the Democratic Party.

Not only has Clinton won virtually all the large industrial and Blue Collar States, but has won the big states that will decide the next President of the United States. She is now poised to win big in Pennsylvania in the April 22 Primary as well.

It seems apparent that the DNC will now be faced with an important decision on whether to sit the delegates from Michigan and Florida or whether to conduct new primary contests in those two states. Given the outcome of last night's elections, they are faced with no other choice.

The media newspapers and major television networks who have been so eager to eulogize and bury Hillary Clinton, not once but on three different occasions during this campaign, now look like children who have been spanked for doing something wrong. Their blatant attacks and biased reporting towards the Clinton's and their kid glove treatment of Obama has come back to haunt them in a big way. Although they will never admit it, the media has done a great injustice to the presidential prospects of the Democratic Party, since now we are faced with a battle that has no end. Not only does the media have blood on their hands, but Obama is now in a boat with no paddle, and the shoreline is no where to be found.

Last Evening's staggering exit polls and convincing wins by Hillary Clinton, have not only shown that she is a true fighter, but have raised serious doubts about the elect ability of Obama as well as his credibility as an honest and straight-forward campaigner. The voters of Ohio and Texas, it can be said, have "seen the light" with Obama, and what they saw convinced them that this race must go on. Clinton not only won by large numbers among Hispanics, but both Women and White voters flocked to her side in last night's contests. Those who called themselves undecided or made up their minds in the last couple of days, voted for Clinton overwhelmingly. Across the board she carried the evening and put a rest to those in the Obama camp and the media bandwagon that this race is far from over.

With the momentum and the wins comes the spoils and Hillary now has both on her side. Not only will the money start flowing into her war chest, but she will now have a strong argument to present to voters and delegates that she is the most electable candidate, and the most experienced and tested candidate to go up against John McCain in November.

Hillary is a sure fighter, a candidate that does not quit and never gives in when the going gets rough. She has shown what it takes to be a winner, the genuine article, a "what you see is what you get" type of candidate. She may not be pretty on words, or inspire the masses, but she speaks from the heart and has demonstrated what it takes to be President. Her ability to come back time and time again, has both amazed and baffled not only her opposition, but those critics that said her days were numbered. Hillary now wears the label of the "Comeback Kid" a title she rightfully deserves, and one she will use in the coming days and weeks ahead.

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Steven Shaman
Skywatch-Media News

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