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The Mysterious March Snow Storm

Missouri, USA
The mysterious March 2008 snowstorm...a snow day for some...a clear day for others - Models for days were painting 12+ inches in some parts of the Ozarks. Model run after model run showed an area southeast of I-44 that could see the heaviest snow. Well at the very last minute mother nature decided to throw a curve ball that not a single person could have seen and she set up a very thin 25 mile wide band of very heavy snow right over the Springfield metro. That thin band dropped snow at 2 inches per hour and then as it took a slow move to the SE it TOTALLY fell apart, leaving some areas with 8 inches of snow and just 20 miles away not even a dusting. This RARE event and FREAK WEATHER PHENOMENON could not have been predicted on such a small scale level. Even at the last minute models were trying to push nearly ALL of the snow to the SE of the region. It just goes to show that no matter how good our technology is and how educated we are as meteorologists, the weather and Mother Nature will do what it wants to do no matter what. Take a look at the visible Satellite image of the crazy, thin band of snow. Look how thin of a line that is that received the heavy snow.
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