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Military Flag Officers Unanimously Endorse Clinton

Breaking National News
Top Military Officials Endorse Clinton

During a conference call with the Clinton campaign Sunday, moderated by Clinton's National Security Director Lee Feinstein (with Howard Wolfson), flag officer after flag officer offered their unqualified endorsements of Hillary Clinton for Commander-in-Chief. It was one testimony after another from these fine career military men and women who know first hand what it takes to be the boss.

The flag officers on the call yesterday, all endorsing Hillary Clinton for Commander-in-Chief, included:

General Wesley Clark
Admiral William Owens
General Johnnie E. Wilson
Lt. Gen. Joe Ballard
Lt. Gen. Claudia J. Kennedy
Vice Admiral Joseph A. Sestak
Lt. Gen. Frederick E. Vollrath
Major General George A. Buskirk, Jr.
Major General Paul D. Eaton
Rear Admiral Stuart Platt
Rear Admiral David Stone
Major General Antonio M. Taguba
Brigadier General Michael Dunn
Brigadier General Evelyn "Pat" Foote
Brigadier General John M. Watkins, Jr.
Brigadier General Jack Yeager
Former Secretary of the Army and Veterans Affairs Togo West
Former Secretary of the Navy, John Dalton presents one testimonial after another for Hillary Clinton, which includes a brief Q&A session afterwards.

The audio of the call presents one testimonial after another for Hillary Clinton, which includes a brief Q&A session afterwards. It's worth a listen.

Nobody on the call is thinking about anything but the love of their country in endorsing Senator Clinton, as one officer said at the end of the call.

"She has done her homework on national security. .. ... She has the big picture. ... .. She is the most qualified in the race to be Commander-in-Chief." - General Wesley Clark (retired)

"I think Hillary Clinton is the best person and the best prepared to be Commander-in-Chief." - Admiral William Owens

In the end, this is about who can beat John McCain in the general election. Clinton is the best positioned, especially when it comes to national security, to do just that.

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