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Huge Waves Create Dangerous Beach Conditions

Florida, USA
Big waves pounded the shoreline at Daytona Beach on Wednesday, creating dangerous conditions for swimmers. Gusting winds have built up the big surf during the heart of spring break. Gusty winds are changing the course of the waves at the beach and helping them grow to between 4 and 6 feet, which is dangerous for swimmers. Visiting college students have no idea what they're up against. Wind has whipped the ocean up and the waves are wicked. A swimmer suffered minor injuries on Monday, and a girl attending spring break was hospitalized on Tuesday after being hit by a wave. Lifeguards are rescuing swimmers every few minutes. "Rip tides are pulling really strong and the current isn't pulling anybody out of it, so when they go over their heads they're not able to make it back in.

Video: Huge Waves

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