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Climate change could submerge Mekong Delta

Unusual climatic developments since late last year seem to indicate that the forecasts about climate changes have come true in Vietnam.

Longer storm seasons have caused heavy human and material losses in the central region. UNPRECEDENTED severe cold snaps have hit the north. International scientists have forecast that the sea level may rise by up to one meter in the future. If that is true, what will happen to Vietnam, especially the low-lying Mekong Delta? A research study estimates that between 1.5 to 2 million hectares of land in the delta will be submerged if the sea level rises by one meter. Furthermore, the coastal plains will sink by nearly a meter and many major cities, especially Ho Chi Minh City, will be flooded during high tides. That sounds like a nightmare, imagining that cities could become islands in future. A submerged Mekong Delta would mean a food disaster for Vietnam since the area produces the most rice. With sea water penetrating inland through estuaries, water would become a scarce commodity.
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