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Big Island Officials Prepare for Kilauea Danger

Hawaii, USA
Big Island Officials Prepare for Kilauea Danger - Levels of toxic sulfur dioxide at the summit are six to ten times greater than before the eruption. "The ten-fold increase of SO2 at the summit makes the total output for the volcano double basically, and the increased hazard from this emission source is, it's closer to where people live and breath and visit than Pu'u 'O'o is." Experts say no one can know exactly what will happen next so they're preparing for the worst. Tradewinds have been pushing the toxic cloud away from the nearest towns but a wind shift could force evacuations. The billowing fumes from Halema'uma'u crater are a growing danger. Even the experts say they are prepared to leave if conditions get too dangerous. View Video

Geologists have been analyzing the steam and gas plume
that’s been gushing from Halemaumau crater at the summit of Kilauea since March 11th. They've found something they didn’t expect: the H2O in their test tubes is not from ground water. It's been released from the molten subterranean magma itself. They’re calling it “juvenile water,” and IT'S NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET. RECENT PHOTOS

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