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Are World Governments Preparing for a 2012 Catastrophe?

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Tsunami readiness tests for coastlines

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News
March 17, 2008

Why are world governments across the globe concerned about holding disaster preparedness training sessions before 2012, and having tsunami buoys
in place to answer any immediate threat from the oceanic phenomenon?

More often we are reading and hearing about local, state and national emergency management teams, as well as governments across the globe preparing for natural disasters and catastrophic events on a scale unheard of in modern times. Why the sudden urge to make preparations for immediate emergency situations? Is Climate Change driving the demand to do something to lesson the impact of major disasters, or is something more dire destined to occur in the near future?

Something yet unknown to the average citizen could soon be happening, and most of humanity is virtually in the dark on ways to survive these troubling times. The following reports could provide some clues on what to expect from the media groups as 2012 draws near:

GREECE should start holding tsunami readiness tests in the southern Aegean and southern Ionian, according to Greek and Italian scientists who are creating an early warning system for the Mediterranean. The system should be in place by the end of the year and fully functional by 2011.

A tsunami detection buoy has been placed in the Coral Sea, lifting Australia's capacity to answer an immediate threat from the oceanic phenomenon. The buoy is now operational and monitoring changes in sea levels for signs of potential threat from the South Solomon and New Hebrides trenches to the east coast of Australia. It's the second buoy to be installed - the first was off Tasmania - as Australia develops a warning system for its vast coastline. The Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunami (DART) buoy is part of the $68.9 million Australian Tsunami Warning System.

plans tsunami warning system by 2010. Caribbean states will set up a joint tsunami warning center before the end of the decade, governments agreed at a meeting in Panama on Thursday. The likelihood of a tsunami hitting the region at some point is "probable." Panama's inter oceanic canal could be vulnerable to a sea surge from an underwater earthquake, and any shutdown would hit global trade. Experts estimate there have been around 105 tsunamis in the Caribbean and surrounding areas in the last 500 years, including one in Panama in 1882, causing more than 4,500 deaths.

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