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Mangroves move inland as seas rise

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Are we headed towards another "Little Ice Age"

Image Above: The Little Ice Age: 1750-1850 A.D.

The Extremes of Global Warming, or something else?

Over the past few years, countries all over the world have had tough winters. China has had such brutal weather that its economy is reeling. Baghdad gets its first snow in history, and history has been recorded there for a very long time. North America got pelted with the most snow in a half-century, with places like Wisconsin getting record snowfalls, and Illinois, Maine and New Hampshire closing in on records, all to go with record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida and other spots. Temperatures have hit or flirted with record lows in Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile and other countries. Some scientists have become worried, and not just because of one winter, which could be a fluke. They're worried about ... global cooling. News reports have reported a relative lack of activity on the sun's surface. That could mean we are facing a Maunder Minimum, when sunspots are very rare. That translates into frigid weather on Earth. The last such period was from about 1650 to 1715, a time known as the Little Ice Age.
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