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This winter is third worst in decade

ENDLESS WINTER | Snow keeps coming: 'It just hasn't let up'

Illinois, USA
A man in Evanston takes a walk along frozen and snow-covered Lake Michigan earlier this month.
(Tom Cruze/Sun-Times)

According to an array of weather statistics compiled by the Illinois state climatologist, it's the third-worst winter in a decade. And weird, besides. "This is SOME OF THE MOST DRAMATIC WINTER WEATHER I HAVE EVER SEEN." Super Bowl Sunday saw several inches of snow on the ground - and thunderstorms. "I have never seen that before and never believed it could happen." "It's bitterly cold, and it's snowed every week since, what, Thanksgiving? It's depressing." As of this weekend, Chicago had gotten 51 inches of snow. That's not quite as bad as the 53.4 inches in 1998-99 and 54.5 inches in 2000-01. But hey, spring is still a few weeks away. "The last couple of winters have been fairly quiet. We haven't seen winters like this in quite some time. It's a little bit more reminiscent of the winters we saw in the late '70s and early '80s." Supplies of ice-melting salt are growing short in some places because of the UNUSAUL number of snowy days. "Right now, it looks like it's just an oddity of this one winter behaving like this."
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