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Texas Women Speak Out For Hillary

From the Editor's Desk
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Image- Hillary on the trail in Ohio: See More

Across the nation women have continued to speak out for Hillary on issues that matter most to them. From Health Care, to Jobs, to Women's Rights, Hillary has stood up and fought not only for the women of America, but for families who are struggling to get by. Her plans for every working American deserve to be heard and recognized by the voters in the upcoming March 4 contests.


As many of you may already know, the media for one reason or another does not like the Clinton's. They have been on a crusade during the primary process to discredit and discount her ability to lead this country, and have attempted to make a laughing mockery of her husband, Former President Bill Clinton. While placing Obama on a pedestal and treating him with kid gloves, the media has thoroughly scrutinized the Clinton's at every turn and stop along the campaign trail. Their biased propaganda against Hillary and Bill is shameful, disrespectful and humiliating, and has disturbed so many people who have been following this election.

The Clinton's deserve better press coverage then they have been getting. That is why we will continue to provide the more positive coverage of Hillary's valiant efforts in this campaign, something the mainstream media refuses to do.

The following video advertisements concern the women of Texas and their primary which will be held on March 4th. Please take the time to view these videos, which are very positive and meant to send a message to all women in this voting process, that Hillary Speaks for Them.

The Late Ann Richards was an inspiration to women in Texas and all over the country. Let's win one for her.
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