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Super Tuesday: Get Out And Vote

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News
Feb 05, 2008

This is the day to cast your ballot in the Super Tuesday Primary elections. Not only is your vote important this year, but it will send a loud and clear message that America is ready for new leadership. We have been hearing all this talk from the 'Obama Campaign' that this country needs a "change" and "new hope for the future." Yet as I recall back to the 90's we heard the same slogan being used by another Clinton in his quest for the presidency. During those eight years in the White House, we experienced great job growth, a soaring economy, a national surplus and contentment among working families. How soon so many of us forget those good times.

Hillary Clinton is not only experienced and highly capable of sitting in the oval office, but has shown her eagerness on many occasions to make America a prosperous nation once again. It is one thing to "talk the talk" as the Obama camp is doing, but it is more important to be "walking the talk" as Hillary has done so many times before and in so many places.

Hillary is the one candidate that is best suited to lead our nation forward in these troubling times, and is certainly the best candidate to go up against the Republican Party this Fall. For these reasons, Skywatch-Media News has endorsed Hillary to be our next President.

Remember: If you live in a Super Tuesday State that holds their primary today, DON'T forget to vote Today. Vote and tell all your friends to vote.

Did you miss the townhall last night
If you did you can watch the replay of it here

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