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The month that's blowing hot and cold

United Kingdom
Children in New Brighton take advantage of the unseasonal warm weather during their half-term break

Story: February has seen extremes of temperature, from icy sub-zero lows to a near-record high. There can have been few Februaries like it. Britons could have been forgiven for thinking they lived in two different countries in the past week, with unseasonable warmth followed by extreme sub-zero temperatures within a few days. The Met Office reported temperatures ranging from icy sub-zero lows to a near-record-breaking 18.2C high in what it described as "A WEEK OF DRAMATIC CONTRASTS". The weekend saw the coldest snap, with temperatures plummeting to -9C in northern parts of the country, creating frost and fog. But earlier in the week, people in western regions were donning T-shirts in disbelief at the almost summer-like warmth. And in Trawschoed, Wales, a temperature of 18.2C was recorded. On only three occasions since 1960 has it been hotter. "These temperatures are VERY RARE in February. The average daily maximum temperature for February is 6.3C, so these are almost record-breaking." Spring flowers which had BLOOMED AT RECORD EARLY DATES were thwarted by the sudden cold snap. These highly fluctuating temperatures may cause confusion but they stem from the same weather pattern. And the changeable weather is not over yet.
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