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Hillary With Significant Leads in Texas and Ohio

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News

The latest polls being released for the upcoming Wisconsin and March 4 contests in Texas and Ohio show very encouraging news for the Clinton Campaign.

In the March 4 contests, polls are showing the following:

The Ohio USA SurveyPoll released today has Clinton ahead of Obama by a very comfortable 17 percent....56 to 39%. Ohio is a blue-collar union state where Clinton should fair well.

In Texas, recent polling is showing Clinton with a 10 percent lead....48 to 38% with it's large Hispanic voting block. This poll has not wavered since a series of Obama wins over the weekend, indicating that Clinton is holding firm in this state.

In Rhode Island, Clinton is leading by 8 percent over Obama according to polls conducted today by Brown University

Vermont on March 4, and the Wisconsin Primary on Feb 19 appear to be tossups, with some polls showing a close contest.

There certainly appears to be good news on the horizon for Hillary Clinton, if polling turns out to be true from these regions.
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