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The Earth Frenzy Radio Show

Thought Control

Terry Winchester

Internationally Renowned Hypnotherapist and Author
Today, February 19, 2008

Show time: 10:30am CST, 8:30am PST

Have you ever considered doing or experiencing the unimaginable? By using the "power of the mind," Terry Winchester has had extraordinary experiences in his life

Let Terry show you how to improve your thoughts and allow your life's experiences to be fully realized.


Thirty-three years ago Terry Winchester established the Winchester Foundation, which is dedicated to the principles of holistic living and to enabling the individual to be responsible for who they are, and how they act, think and feel, through the power of their mind.

Terry has lectured around the world as a key-note speaker in Self-Hypnosis and Mind Power techniques – including a key-note address for the Prime Minister of Malaysia for the opening of the Mind Literacy Conference 2007. As an internationally renowned hypnotherapist and author, Terry has spent 35 years in search of the ‘secret of happiness'

He used the ‘power of the mind’ to travel th
e world with no money, sat at the feet of Himalayan masters and lived in a cave on the banks of the Ganges. Eventually he found the 'secret.' Terry is also a renowned holistic beekeeper in South Africa and has astounded audiences with his mind power techniques in taming the African killer bees.

The newly published book - “Only your thoughts can upset you”- is the culmination of a life-time of research and dedication by Terry to aid the awakening of mankind.

Terry Winchester's list of credentials include:
Founder member, British National Council of Psychotherapists – UK
Member, International Society for Professional Hypnotherapists – New York, USA
Instructor, Silva Method International – Laredo, Texas, USA
Qualified member, Canadian Institute of Hypnotism – Canada
Certified member, Mind Power Development Inc – Texas, USA

Certified member, South African Yoga Teachers’ Fellowship
Founder member, The Winchester Foundation
Member, American Board of Hypnotherapy
Master Hypnotherapist, The Hypnosis Institute – New York
Member, International Association of Counsellors & Therapists
Advanced Toastmasters International – USA
Initiate, Kriya Yoga and Vipassana Meditation – India

The MindFrame Technique™ is a process that teaches the participant how to move from the conscious, Beta, level of the mind, to the more relaxed, subconscious Alpha level, whilst remaining fully conscious. It is here, at the Alpha level, that we possess the ability to re-programme our minds, think creatively and identify the root cause of any problem. This is known as being "in the Al
pha state", and it is here where each person is empowered to change his or her self-image. Based on the principle “Whatever image you hold before you will come about”, each person learns to acknowledge the self-created negative aspects, thus enabling a transformation. This new positive image is the first step towards Self Realization. The door is now open.

In the Alpha state, the conscious mind is easily able to establish a tangible link with the creative, subconscious mind. This activity stimulates the left and right hemispheres of the brain – the left hemisphere permits logical, rational and analytical thinking, whilst the right deals with our intuition, creativity and imagination.

If you want to turn your life around, fasten your seatbelts, put your belief systems aside and get ready to be FREE!

For further information please go to mindframe

Please visit: Odyssey Video
For a sample video of one of Terry’s many lectures...


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