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Clinton’s worst month yet, but don't fret

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News

Let's pretend for just a moment that we can set the record straight in this election year, something the mainstream media hasn't done to this point.

All the big headlines this weekend and starting off the new week are "Obama sweeps 5 states, gains the momentum" etc, etc. OK, fine....now let's break down the facts so that all of us can get a better perspective of what happened over the weekend.

First of all the most important consideration that has to be taken into account is the delegate count which determines who the nominee is going to be this Fall. Despite all the hype about the "Obama Sweep" Hillary still leads in the delegate count according to a number of sources, in addition to the NY Times.

This may be Obama's month for winning, but on March 4 the momentum will shift back to Hillary who is expected to do very well in the delegate rich states of Texas and Ohio. If she wins these two states with their large Hispanic and blue collar populous she will be right back in the forefront with regard to delegate count.

Now there is something else that the media doesn't want to talk about and that is the states that Obama has won. If you break them down, you will notice that many if not most of the states which were won by Obama, are Caucus states, states which he was expected to do well in and did. In these states he had much grass-roots organization, and these states also have a complicated set of rules for voting, for instance you have to vote in a certain precinct at a particular time, well working people can't afford that luxury, hence this favored Obama with his support from the more educated and affluent Democrats. So despite the hype by the Obama media bandwagon about all the states he has won, he still lags behind in overall delegates.

Most importantly, and this is not being talked about by the media, in a number of those states which Obama won, especially in the South, he failed to capture a majority of the white vote, something he has to have if he expects to win the White House. In the Louisiana primary on Saturday he only captured about 29 percent of the white vote, while taking much of the black vote which was expected. One should also consider the fact that many of the states won by Obama are RED states that will most likely go to the Republican challenger in the Fall.

Hillary in contrast has won most of the largest states, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California, she is expected to do very well in the upcoming Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries in March and April. Hillary has also gained most of the Hispanic vote and the majority of the women vote, too very important voting blocks that will determine who the next President will be. Hillary may not have won a majority of states, but she has won the states and the voting groups that really matter in the Fall.

There is something else very troubling with this election, and that is the media bias being presented, most notably by MSNBC. Just recently Chris Matthews of "Hardball" was forced to apologize for a sexist remark he made about Hillary on his program, and now another NBC political analyst, David Shuster has been suspended for the sexist remarks he made about Chelsea Clinton. If NBC is attempting to 'discredit' the Clinton family, they are going about it the wrong way, since their bias is quite evident, and could come back to haunt them later.

For those who are staunchly supporting Hillary or are still considering voting for her in this primary season, don't panic over a series of caucus wins by Obama. Hillary is a great campaigner and tough individual. This race is far from over, as next month's big state primaries will show.
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