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Clinton will Rebound in March

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News

It appears that the media bandwagon is making a concerted effort to coronate Obama during this primary race for the nomination, while at the same time trying to bury Clinton as "old news" Well there is an old saying that holds true even today, "Be careful of what you hope for."

There are many political bloggers who have mentioned the wisdom of voting for a candidate based solely on empty rhetoric of 'hope and change' without even mentioning the specifics of how you are going to go about making those changes in Washington, a city that doesn't cozy up to change.

Now with all this excitement by Obama supporters of having won 8 regional contests since Super Tuesday, (note: 5 of the 8 regional contests were caucuses), he is barely maintaining a lead in pledged delegates, whereas Clinton still leads in super delegates. Most importantly, Obama is yet to win 'big state' primaries outside of Illinois. You can't win a general election if all you can win is 'red state' caucuses, et. Virginia, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Utah, Idaho, all which the Republicans are sure to carry in November.

The States of Hawaii and Wisconsin will hold their elections on Feb 19. It is expected that Obama will win Hawaii, a state he grew up in and where his parents reside. Wisconsin is a toss up state, where Clinton could conceivably do quite well. There will be little delegate advantage from those contests it now appears.

Then there will be a two week break leading up to the March 4th contests in the delegate rich states of Texas and Ohio, as well as contests in Rhode Island and Vermont. Clinton is well ahead in both the Texas and Ohio polls and also leading in Rhode Island. If she should win those contests on March 4th, she will be at the forefront in delegate count and will take the bragging rights of having one most all of the largest states that are vital to winning the general election in the fall. Pennsylvania, the last of the delegate rich states, will hold their election in April. This primary also favors Clinton. She is also favored in upcoming elections in Kentucky and West Virginia.

It is important to note that after Feb 19th, there will be only 14 contests left to decide with no sure advantage for either candidate. We are most likely going to have a see-saw battle in the remaining contests with bragging rights being emulated from both sides. If that happens neither side will have the required delegates to be nominated. This scenario just prior to the Democratic convention could cause pandemonium among the party faithful, and require that negotiations be held behind closed doors between the two candidates. This is not good politics, but it appears that this may actually come to pass, resulting in some very unhappy voters and supporters from whoever comes out on the short end.

Now for the facts that the "Obama Media Bandwagon" (MSNBC and the AP) don't want to talk about, but is seemingly great news for Hillary.

(1)She has substantial leads in the delegate rich states of Texas and Ohio and also leads in Rhode Island. All three states will vote on March 4th. Ohio is predominately white working class voters which favor Hillary.

(2) Both Clintons will be campaigning extensively in Wisconsin, where she has a good chance of either winning or coming in a close second, which would give her a good share of the delegates. Some recent polls from that regions show the contest to be close, or within the margin of error.

(3) Hillary drew a tremendous crowd of more than 12,0000 during a visit to El-Paso last night. This shows that she has significant support among voting blocks, namely Hispanics and Women in Texas. This state is 'tailor-made' for Hillary.

(4) Former Senator and Astronaut John Glenn endorsed Hillary yesterday in Ohio. The support of this well respected individual along with the support of the Governor there will give Hillary the boost she needs to win that state. She is currently ahead by 17 percent in polling taken yesterday in Ohio.

(5) Despite efforts by major news affiliates to portend that the Clinton's are short on cash, it seems that the campaign has raised more than 10 million online in the past week. Campaign says they are on track to take in more than 25 million in February. That goes to show what the media knows or cares to report.

These are real facts, and it is time that the "not so fair and balanced" media start proportioning the political news between the two democratic candidates which they have failed to do so far in this primary race. This race isn't just about Obama, and surely Hillary deserves to be treated with some respect. I await to see the headlines coming out of March 4th when suddenly Hillary shines and the "Obama bandwagon is halted in its tracks." That day is coming, it is just over the horizon.
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