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Clinton Poised to Overtake Obama in March Contests

Hillary Remains Very Confident

Despite all the hoopla being generated by the mainstream "Obama Media Bandwagon," which includes the NBC Network and the AP wires, it appears that Hillary Clinton is well positioned to overtake Obama in the pledged and super delegate count in the month of March and April.
After the February 19th primary in Wisconsin, there will only be 14 contests left in the nominating process. Of the remaining contests Hillary is poised to do very well, especially in the delegate rich states of Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania, all large states where she is leading according to the latest polls.

Other states where Clinton can compete very well include Kentucky, West Virginia, Vermont, Rhode Island and Oregon, all primary states which favor her because of their demographics and blue collar populous. The Clinton Campaign has also indicated that they will seriously compete for the Wisconsin primary on Feb 19, a state she could conceivable do well in.

The media is less inclined to provide the straight facts regarding the primary process. So here are the facts that certainly should be of interest to the average voter. Clinton is leading among Women, Hispanic and Blue Collar working class voters, all constituents vital to the elect ability of the Democratic nominee. Without these voter groups firmly in camp, whoever the nominee is in the Fall, will have little change of winning the general election.

So before you jump on the "Obama Bandwagon" thinking all is lost for the Clinton campaign, you should consider what direction the wind will be blowing next month. Victories by Hillary in the 3 large contests coming up will certainly take the wind out of the "Obama Sails" and will stop any momentum that his campaign and the media pretends that he has now.

With the way this primary season has thus far developed, it appears that the Democratic party will be left with a dilemma in June with no clear nominee and party officials wondering who will best serve their interests going forward in this election. This is not the best scenario for the party, but it is one that the media has brought on by their biased attitudes, and favoritism towards Obama. This has helped to fuel some bitter feelings between the candidates and their organizations, and has infuriated the many supporters of Clinton, namely Women, Hispanics and Blue Collar workers.

Look for a 'shift in the wind' to occur next month and into April in the direction of the Clinton camp. This race is far from over!

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